Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Takes!

--- 1 ---
This week I'm thinking about many things, and people. I'm thinking of  Harrison, and Emma & Connor, and especially Nora. I'm thinking about what Father Tony said this week about not letting the news drive us crazy. It would be easy, God knows, with the vitriol over marriage rights, gender selective abortions, the loss of religious liberty and the depressing notion that, once again, people of conscience are faced with a "lesser of two evils" decision again. But if you click the links above you will see God is with us, and has never left us. So, screw the harbingers of Doom and remember The Resurrection.
--- 2 ---
Mariana is also a witness to Hope. The little Miss is now 12.5 weeks and has gained a few more skills. Things like a happy tickle response and holding her own bottle were supposed to happen later. Also, the leg kicking that mimics crawling is starting to rev-up like crazy. And this morning she woke up and sucked her thumb back to sleep. I'm not thrilled with the thumb-sucking, but hurray for self-soothing!
--- 3 --- alors? is a French campaign to raise awareness that Down syndrome is as big a deal as lactose intolerance. It means, sort of, " what?" I love it because Mariana's diagnosis has not been this Earth Shattering Event. In fact, the other kids have been more special needs these past months than Mae-Bee. I also love it because Trisomique sounds so awesome as opposed to Down syndrome.
--- 4 ---
Right now Paul is in his room screaming at me. I love him dearly, but summer vacation has been tough on him because he is not the Crown Prince, and now he knows it. I feel bad for him, but I have to be tough or he'll run roughshod over me. I hate throwing down the gauntlet. I hate listening to any of my kids wail. I hate the idea of raising a brat even more.
--- 5 ---
Really my plan for summer vacation has been AWESOME. I've got chore-charts. I've instituted a Buddy System a la Michelle Dugger. I've created a Mom Bucks and Mom Store reward system. They are all deeply involved in Summer learning. Scott has noted how cheerful everyone is when he gets home. I can't believe how well this is all going, and since I fully expect it to crash down soon, I'm enjoying the fleeting peace.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of Summer Break, we have so much planned. This summer is going to be really adventurous. I don't think I've looked forward to a season so much in a long time. I'm glad the kids are out of school! Wahoo!
--- 7 ---
Paul is now kicking the door, God bless him. Did I mention I hate this?
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  1. I love number four. a lot.

    Oh and your job is not easy at all, but I am so excited to be a stay at home mom, with our several kids and chore charts and summer plans. 1.1 years! :) Woot woot!