Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick - Take It!

--- 1 ---
Gah. The end of school feels more like The End Times now that there are 3! total humans to attend events for and buy teacher gifts for all the while pretending to care about all the school work that has come home while planning how deep I will have to bury it in the garbage can. Not to say that I don't love the school work that comes home. I do. I just don't want to keep it foreverandeveramen, as my children would have me do. Occasionally I will throw an episode of Hoarders on our T.V. and remind the kids that this is what happens if you keep everything you ever get. But at the end of school they are nostalgic, so I pretend I will keep it in their folders, and then trash it slowly as they forget about it.
--- 2 ---
I'm guilty of the sin of pride with my teacher gifts. I give alcohol. The way I see it, not all teachers have to drink to appreciate that I, as a parent, understand that they are not robots who never need a break. The alcohol is a symbol of vacation. They can give it to the neighbor for all I care. I just want them to know that I get it. Summer rocks. This year I gave mini buckets of margarita mix and a mini bottle of tequila. I call it "Vacation in a Bag." Two teachers got white wine because the store ran out of the mini buckets...
--- 3 ---
Mariana. Geez, she's normal. Which is funny in that it's not funny that she has given up sleeping through the night. I have heard of babies that slept through the night at first and then, upon a growth spurt and the discovery that mom and milk are one-in-the-same, started waking up. I hate this. I feel like there was a bate-and-switch. 
--- 4 ---
Speaking of the Normal Baby; she sort of failed her EIP intake in that she probably won't qualify for services. Our caseworker was stunned at her mobility and coordination. She's also "talking" a little and when I stick my tongue out at her, she sticks hers back at me. I really couldn't remember what the normal curve was, so I went to to find out. She has the skills of a 4 month old. Er. She's 12 weeks on Monday. Huh. She is so failing at Down syndrome.
--- 5 ---
Our family diet. Another gah moment. The pediatrician thinks maybe Paul has a milk allergy. There is no way there can be cheese up in this house and not in his belly. We all have to go dairy free to figure it out. I cheat though. There will be cream if I drink coffee. Which I am thinking about giving up for the Normal Baby who has reflux. I suspect my coffee habit is irritating this. Do you think, "I love you so much I gave up coffee for you." will have much weight when she is a teenager?
--- 6 --- 
Today was the last day of school. I'm so excited for our crazy-busy summer. That is all.
--- 7 ---
Oh, right, 7 quick takes. Ummmm....Cardinal Dolan is right, the government is wrong. How's that for ending on a controversial note? Heh.

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  1. If I were a teacher, I'd want your kid in my class. :)