Friday, June 29, 2012


--- 1 ---
Mariana Lynn is mobile! If this were the type of blog where I actually wrote what my reactionary thoughts are, there would be swearing. OH DEAR HEAVEN! While I am aware that she had the ability to be mobile since she started rolling from both sides, she was unaware. Today she put the two rolling functions together and now all I want to do is wear black and cry.
--- 2 ---
Yes, I realize this is actually kind of cool. But I'm a mom who rather enjoys a certain amount of immobility in my babes. With mobility comes tomfoolery.
--- 3 ---
I have to buy the kids school supplies next week. How weird is that? I realize I am missing all the good sales, but! I'm going to be traveling so much the rest of the summer, I will have no other time to shop. I already took Molly (and Mae) to TX, next up is OR, followed by a long road-trip to GA and OH. I will have some of the children with me for each trip, which will also be cool for them. The two oldest will have the chance to travel with other family members to far off places during all of this chaos. When you have to scrap practicality for adventure, I call it a win.
--- 4 ---
I'm tired. I know, I know, same old song and dance of the over-tired mom. However I've discovered this odd problem where I'm exhausted beyond reason at 6PM, but by the time I finish my work and crawl into bed at 11, I'm wide awake! Chamomile only helps to a point, and anything stronger will knock me out too much since I have to be available to nurse the baby. Quite the conundrum.
--- 5 ---
Paul and Molly are starting to figure out how to play together without fighting. Yesterday I caught them bonding over a little frog they had captured and put in a bucket. Between the filth and the two heads bent over this bucket I almost melted on the spot. I can not tell you how much it breaks my hear to hear the way they fight. It's like a snake and a mongoose, each taking the roll of the other depending on the argument. To see them work it out and mature this way is pure delight.
--- 6 ---
Today I had a massage. It was amazing. Insurance covered it. Is there anything more blissful than that? 
--- 7 ---
Nora needs our prayers. Please pray for her, her family and the medical community responsible for her care. This tiny girl has brought hope to so many broken hearts.
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