Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello, My Name is Mariana

Things the professionals said:

I will be slow
  • to hold my head up
  • to roll from front to back
  • to roll from back to front
  • to respond, smile, laugh, be vocal
I probably won't
  • breastfeed
  • be healthy
  • cry for food
What I have done
  • rolled over at two weeks
  • rolled back to front at 3 months
  • hold my head up
  • smiled, laughed and coo
  • breastfed at 4 days
  • maintained good health
  • cry for food (in fact, perhaps my stenographer can take a break and FEED ME!)
I'm adorable, I play hard and I travel well. I am 3.5 months old and I have an extra chromosome. So what?

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