Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shout Out to My Kidzzz

This first part of summer has ROCKED. I just wanted to take a little time to say that I've been quintupley blessed by God in the form of my children. Honestly, more than once since Memorial Day weekend I have shaken my head and thought, "Well this is evidence that blessings aren't earned, and karma isn't real."

KATE: This little girl is growing up in the best ways. Since her First Holy Communion I have seen such an effort to grow in virtue as I have never seen before. She asks to go to Reconciliation, she helps with her siblings, she helps in the kitchen and she practices her guitar faithfully. No one is perfect, but she is working on it.

CHARLOTTE: This lanky ball of energy has cleaned up her room 3x's daily for the past few weeks. She is wonderful with Mariana, yet doesn't pester me to be allowed to hold her. She is sweet to Paul even though he is full of sass and vinegar with his 3-year-old self. She reads to Molly and she's writing stories. I can see God's goodness in her like light through a prism. It's awesome.

MOLLY: Oh my. Can I just brag on my girl for a little while? Normally I have to laugh at Molly for her charm and her ability to get away with doing nothing. However, she has worked so hard on her Letter People activities, and on accomplishing things like getting dressed before I ask. She helps clean up without complaint and has been using manners when I expect her to lose her temper. She remains Molly, but with an uptick in maturity. She's such a sweet person!

PAUL: Paul has been coping with some serious 3-year-old temper tantrums, but he tries so hard to be good. He is very penitential when he's done something wrong. He also is doing "school" work at the table with the girls and working very hard. He can write his name and draw a circle so far, which is more than I expected given that I have done anything with writing. He also drew a beautiful heart, but before I could take a picture he drew over it while telling us a story of what was happening. The story included Iron Man defending "heartie" and villains and blood and died. Lastly, this boy adores his baby sister more than I have a right to expect.

MARIANA: Perfection in a 3m. old body. Our girl totally showed off all her skills at her Early Steps evaluation, scoring 100% for gross motor skills. That is 100% for all babies, not for Down syndrome babies. Our sweetie didn't even cry when she got her vaccine this month.* She loves faces and our presence and gets lonely very quickly if left in her swing or bed while Mommy is trying to get dressed or cook dinner. Today when I was trying to get somethings done, I put her on the floor of the playroom while the older girls played Barbies. She was so happy for a full 20 minutes! She adores being in the mix and hearing the sounds of our crazy house.

I know this just a brag post, but this is our life as much as anything else. I love these wonderful people. I can't believe they are ours to raise! Most of the time I am tired, nursing, covered in sweat and spit up. It's such a blessing to be able to have time to look around and notice that life is good.

*Mariana's vaccine schedule is one per month b/c I'm antsy about doing more than that in such a little person. This is my own concoction having nothing to do with DS or actual medical knowledge. Make your own choices and respect mine.

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  1. Love this post. Although I must tell you, with my one basically giving me a run for my money with one cookin' in me, I am terrified of five! This makes me feel like it is doable :)