Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Yesterday was my sister Kate's birthday. Not just any birthday, her 40th. This is unbelievable for several reasons, most of which is that she's better looking than ever. It would be terribly annoying if she were also vapid and clueless, but instead she's unselfish and very self-aware. I'm convinced it's not her athleticism that has kept her gorgeous, it's definitely her goodness. Kate was my mini-mommy growing up and taught me just about everything I needed to know when I had my little Kate. I still steal lessons in life from her, and I probably always will. Happy birthday Kate!
--- 2 ---
I started running again. I have a half marathon in October, so it was really imperative. This time though, I like it. I had found myself growing increasingly overwhelmed by this Summer Of Adventure and crabby as heck. The other day Scott put his foot down that I was to go out for a run, as far as I needed to, and he would come pick me up. I did and it was like the fog was lifted. I keep forgetting not to get too busy to run. Running, for me, is the simplest form of prayer and the best way to receive God's grace when I'm easily distracted during normal prayer.
--- 3 ---
So, I mentioned the run, did I mention it was 95 degrees and noon? The path I chose was one I thought was shady, but since the sun was directly overhead, it was decidedly not shady. I also took the dog with me. Now, on a low intensity run like that I should have made the 5.8 mile loop since I'm not totally out of practice. I made it 3.1 miles exactly. I took the dog with me, and it's a good thing because I probably wouldn't have called Scott if it weren't for her. She's out of shape too. I'm determined to take her with me since putting her on a diet is impossible in this house.
--- 4 ---
We bought backpacks yesterday. I was going to spend all kinds of dollars on Ones that Will Last, but instead bought what they wanted. Charlie, Kate and Paul chose good sturdy ones while Molly picked one that had puppies on it. Oh, well. She's 5 and so few choices are hers to make.
--- 5 ---
I am convinced Mariana is teething. She is babbling away as well. This baby is a wonder to me. Throw out what anyone tells you DS is like, because it's just not. This is pretty much what the geneticist told us, but living it and accepting it is different. Thank God for this baby. She's really made me more humble, or at least less prideful...
--- 6 ---
Kate's having a sleep over tonight, tomorrow we have family stopping in on their way further south, and Sunday is our Day O' Rest. Next week is full of me prepping for my adventure to a new state, Oregon. I've never been to Oregon and I get to go visit my cousin's family and my aunt and uncle. To top it off, two of my sisters, Kate and Maria, are going as well. I can not wait. Mae is my only travel companion. The other kids get to play at a friend's house while Scott works. Now that I'm running again this is back to being exciting rather than stressful. YIPPEE!

--- 7 ---
Yesterday Paul said that he wants me to have two babies like Mrs. Chick, who is currently carrying #s 5&6. As he gabbed on and on about how it would be two boys and then they could play, he stopped and gasped. "MOMMY, I GOT UH IDEUH! YOU CAN ASK GOD FOR TWO BABIES! IS THAT A GREAT IDEUH?" (Paul talks in all caps.) I told him it's his job to pray for siblings, and then he prayed right then and there, looked up and said, "GOD SAID YES! ISN'T THAT EX-ITING?" I felt the need to tell him that mommies don't  usually get new babies while they still have a baby nursing, but he insisted that God said yes RIGHT NOW. Given that I attribute Paul being a boy to Kate's prayers for a brother, I'm hoping Paul is least for now.
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