Saturday, March 1, 2014

Coming to a Blog this Lent. . . .

It is my goal to post 3 times a week during Lent, but I would like to start now because, good riddance February. February obviously has a chip on its shoulder about being the shortest month because it sure feels like the longest. There are some family birthdays, but since they don't live close enough for cake, February is my least favorite month.

In March you will see a lot of Ds awareness because 3/5 is "Spread the Word to End the Word" about the R words. I have a post in my mind that I've been trying to work out. Though I have pushed back at the idea of ending words, I accept that the language has in fact evolved, so I have some thoughts for that day, which also happens to be Mae's birthday.

Since Mariana's birthday is on Ash Wednesday we'll be celebrating on Fat Tuesday. I plan some cupcakes with a baby baked into one like the King Cake tradition. I'm excited she will finally have an age to match the attitude. She's been a hot mess of toddlerhood these past weeks, and I have to admit, I LOVE IT! I know I say seemingly negative things about babies being jerks and Mae being the worst, but I say it with affection. I am very satisfied watching our kids strike their independence. I feel incredibly blessed to watch a person, never mind 5 of them, change and grow and yet stay steadily themselves.

Today I was speaking to the mom of one of the girls on C's basketball team. She also has two little boys, one of whom has a very rare condition called Ring Chromosome 14 syndrome. It is amazing to learn of these new chromosomal abnormalities, all of which have a host of possible symptoms. The human being is such an intricately designed creature, and yet because we love our children and nurture them carefully, many live happy fulfilled lives. If I ever come across as a zealot crying eugenics at every turn it is because I am a witness to what life can be when you care for someone disabled. When I see the value of a human being, whether a disabled person or a drug-addicted welfare recipient, boiled down to their ability to contribute fiscally to society, I want to punch a wall. It has been implied to me that we are okay to have had Mae because we do not need taxpayer money to help support her. There is no argument in the world that can communicate what value Mae has added to our lives just by being. Every single human alive brings with him an uncountable value to the world.  It is only through the experience of love that we can ever shed our blindness to this reality. I hope to share this month our New Year resolution of focusing on works of Mercy and how it has opened my heart in an uncomfortably wonderful way.

3/21 is World Down Syndrome day. Consider making a donation to one of many places that support research and development as well as advocacy for these children. Or choose another rare chromosomal abnormality to support. I have listed the ones we support on the sidebar, but feel free to comment on any you personally support.

Lastly, I would like to ask for comments in this post on things you would like to learn about our family or my opinions (I have many!). Posting 3 times a week will be a huge undertaking for me since I have developed self-diagnosed Adult Onset ADHD. The H in my case stands for "Hypoactivity", as in "Low". I can not wait to hear especially from people who perhaps are strangers to us. Please introduce yourself and give me your good (or mediocre, I'm not picky) ideas.  

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