Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baby Steps

Most days Scott takes the kids to school on the way to work. Knowing that Tuesday is the day of 3 therapies, two in the morning when I fight rush hour, he was very gentle when he told me I had to take the kids to school because he had an early meeting in South Georgia. I was happy-ish to do it because Mae had speech at 9, and I could drop the kids off and head straight to therapy. Mae fell asleep during this car ride and slept for a full hour, so I was a bit nervous about her cooperation as I pulled her out of her seat. Wasted energy, that worry.

We started with PT, Mae was on the swing standing up and holding the ropes to work her weight shifting muscles. Normally she'd fuss, but she was all smiles and good form and squats. We moved on to sit ups on the therapy ball, where Nasty Nellie usually makes an appearance, but Mae laughed instead of crying as she flopped back and went limp in an attempt to get out of doing all this work. After the situps it was standing against the ball playing bilaterally with her hands in front to get those pectorals nice and warm. Lastly, we practiced walking. Walking practice is the cuddle phase of PT. Walking practice is Mae going from Miss K to Mama with various muscle support and tactile reminders to contract at the right times. When she gets to Mama she hugs and cuddles me, but this is just a sweet manipulation to get some rest. Sometimes we wrap ankle weights around her hips to give her muscles all the input through her legs to her feet. (I'm wording this all wrong FYI.) Anyway, this time she sat on Miss K's thigh, feet on the floor and did some squats. She kept standing unsupported and then lunging for me. Finally Ms. K said, "Use your steps Silly!"

She took two steps.

Now before anyone decides to comment that she'll be walking in time to trick-or-treat, slow your roll. Let's just celebrate the win for a minute or two. I have been, and I've been trying to recreate that moment for the kids, for Scott, for Mrs. J, and for the dog all to no avail. She did it and we're going to have to work for it to get it again. Duly noted, little Miss. You guys, she took her first steps. And you bet your ass I cried. Can you imagine for a second spending weeks and months working on strengthening every damn muscle and nerve to accomplish one step? And we got TWO OF THEM!!!!!!!! (Stuff it Mark Twain and Alex Knight, you don't know me.) That is all I feel I need to say about it, because the mere fact it happened is enough, you know?

The day just got better though, with actual responsiveness to the Speech therapist who was all, "Oh my gosh, she's talking and signing like it's no big thing!" Given our Miss M isn't the gooshy type, this was gigantic. Her only concern was so mild we spent 30 seconds on it and moved on to how Mariana is probably the best 17 month old baby in the world, probably universe. I obviously couldn't let the day go by without celebrating. I went to the store and bought some ice cream for the kids' after school snack, and we enjoyed every bite. I also called and texted my family the good news, and was greeted with the exact amount of enthusiasm a milestone like this deserves. Well, no one offered to fly down and have a party with us, but they were close to the amount of enthusiasm a milestone like this deserves. They're probably saving up for when she is potty trained.

I did not light fireworks, cook dinner or even bathe the baby last night. I reheated leftovers and went out to B&N to not find the book Kate needed for school yesterday. (Let's all throw a party for Kindle, btw.) However I did do those things in my heart. Because two steps forward is two steps forward, and that's cause for celebration in my world.