Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Quick Takes

The first week of school is in the books y'all! Lots of tears and melt downs ensued, as you can imagine with  kids in 4th, 3rd, 1st and PreK. Okay, the 4th grader was pretty much fine other than the fact that her stupid siblings were buggin her while she was trying to get her homework done, you guys. Also her mom has ice water in her veins and was all, "You'll get used to it."

Poor Molly didn't realize that first grade is the real deal, so that was a fun week of homework. But I'm a different mommy since Mae has come along and taught me to divorce myself from the feeling that my crying child needs my assistance, and instead actually evaluate the situation first. In other words, I didn't sit next to Molly while she completed her Handwriting homework at the agonizing pace of 1.5 hours. Her tears and distractions made no impression on me other than the thought that this was so good for her to break past her self imposed limits on her patience and ability to complete a task. But I'm not a robot. I did give her lots of hugs yesterday when she was obviously exhausted from the week of school and I told her how incredible she was for working so very hard. Then I made her do her homework.
I plan to annoy my children this school year. My current mode of annoyance is writing messages on our refrigerator. Messages like this:
Mommy's subliminal message regarding dinner: Like it dammit!
Charlotte's response to this nonsense was, "How am I supposed to know if I was the kindest kid in the whole school? That's too hard!" She's a very literal child, so the next day I wrote in the morning, "Be the kindest kid in class." Charlotte responded with, "I can't decided who is kinder than me and what if I don't have a chance to be kind and someone else does?" Morning is not her best time of day. So the next day I wrote, "Find a way to be kind to someone." Which apparently was setting the bar too high as each child reported that they had zero opportunity to be kind. However, Kate did everyone's morning chores this morning, so BONUS POINTS, someone learned a lesson!!

I know this is annoying to the children, but I feel very secure that it is the right kind of annoyance, like my dad saying "Offer it up." whenever we were sick or injured.
Mae had an ophthalmology appointment on Monday. She had her tubes removed, and by tubes I mean tube because the left one fell out at some point in the recent past. We also learned she doesn't actually have a "lazy" eye. But it is common for kids with Ds to have a "false strabismus" because of the shape of their eyes and nose.

We also discovered that her eyesight is still very good and she does not need glasses. While this is very good news, it's also a little sad because I had visions of little hipster glasses and ironic t-shirts. Bummer dude. Oh well, there are always fashion glasses....
Also on Monday Mae had a horrid fever that subsided by Tuesday morning. So, we went ahead to PT where she got more Rock Tape on her abs, but also her shoulders! It really helped a lot! However, the next day she had a rash on her body. I am almost certain it was a viral rash from her fever, but before I order the pink camo tape, I'm going to wait and see if it happens with the next application. I'm so hoping it is not an allergy. I love the stuff.
--- 5 ---
Directions on how to mop your floor with a toddler at home: 
  • fill some containers with water
  • give diaper-only baby little containers to play with 
  • mop other places while baby plays
  • take water play away
  • clean up water with big beach towels
This is by far the easiest way to get my miles of tile cleaned. You are welcome.

OT on Wednesday was terrible. Mae was sleeping and I woke her up while Mrs. J was there. She came down and waved and said, "Hi!" to her dear pal. And then the doorbell rang. When Mae saw Mrs. K she went to her inside place. Her chin slumped to her chest, her tongue hung out and she wouldn't make eye contact. In other words; she knew.

There was a spectacular fit. There was an attempt to have her self feed with a spoon. She was furious and sad and gave Mrs. J and I looks of betrayal and pain. She was pissed, but - isn't there always a but with Mariana? - she ate yogurt with a spoon. Yes, it was all over her from head to toe. Yes, she regards the OT as the enemy. Yes, I stood by while my baby pleaded for me to save her from torture.

She ate with a spoon. WIN!
Cutest couple ever:

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  1. Um, the fridge? And the floor idea? Thanks for making me a way cooler mom than I was five minutes ago.

    1. The fridge was out of desperation because the stainless finish was the WORST. I love this so much more!