Thursday, March 14, 2013

Habemus Papam/Habemus Dentem

--- 1 ---
I have been absent recently for a host of reasons. We took the big girls to Animal Kingdom, we have had one child have an allergic reaction to medication, we have had forty million appointments with doctors and therapists and dentist. (Oh my!) Mae is inching closer to her surgical date and C is getting her tonsils out.

Even so, I have had the luxury to commune with all my brothers and sisters in the Church to watch the conclave, and, with my own eyes, watch the white smoke appear atop the chapel. I have felt so filled with gratitude for my Church. I love the pomp and circumstance, the privacy of the conclave and the humility of the man who ultimately became Pope Francis.

I adore the "many parts" theme this particular time in the Church has on display. We had Benedict, who reminded us that edifying beauty that formality can communicate. We have the conclave that reminds us that many good things are done in private and shared with few. We now have Francis, the man whose simplicity and humility reminds us that works of mercy are crucial element to living out the gospel. My heart swells with love every time I think of the man bowing at the waist receiving the blessing from the universal church. That one act reminds the laity across the world that we are the Church. I love him already.
--- 2 ---
Charlotte's bout of strep has led us to the ENT, which has led us the the conclusion she needs her tonsils out. She is freaking out a bit, and I have no way to comfort her. There is no talking C out of those moments. Her surgery is scheduled for Holy Thursday, and as God as my witness, I wish I could schedule it for another day. However, First communion is in May and she really can not miss any more school after our strep/amoxil allergy one-two punch.
--- 3 ---
Habemus dentem! We have a tooth! Yes, Mariana's little tooth bump is now an official member of her oral cavity. If we had a chimney, I would send up the white smoke. She is not crawling still, but that will be fireworks rather than smoke. And t-shirts. And possibly private label whiskey.
--- 4 ---
Animal Kingdom = Awesome. We took the kids down to Scott's mom's condo. Unfortunately Kiki wasn't feeling well, and we had bigger concerns than Spring Forward. We went to mass and then met his grandparents for a little birthday dinner. I made sure to bathe Mae before Grammy held her so that she would have Grammy's perfume on her later. We all love Grammy's smell.

As luck would have it, Kiki felt okay-ish the next day and had help come to the condo while we set off for AK. It was a short drive there with the music blasting. We started off with It's Tough to Be A Bug, which is one of those 3D creep fests that scares the living breath out of normal children. It's loud, has a tarantula shooting darts at the audience (3D video) and then talks about fogging the audience in retribution for all the bug fogs in the world while filling the theater with fog. Poor Molly had a nervous breakdown in the damn thing.

BUT! the day was was not lost. We headed off to the safari, and then onto the rapid water ride, where we got drenched and learned Molly loves the coasters. We did the entire park, ending with the Dinoland area. It was a blast. I took Kate on Everest twice and paid the rest of the day. We also road the rapid ride 3 times in a row later. Scott and I loved just giving over to the kids and letting them enjoy their special day.

I forgot to mention that we brought all of our food to Animal Kingdom. It made for a really awesome day in that the girls' energy was top shape, and we saved about $200. One backpack was filled with water bottles and cold items, the other with our dry goods like trail mix and NutThins. Scott and I carried the back packs and we could eat any time without wandering around trying to find the healthiest option.

Another bonus was that the park closes at 8. We had an hour drive home, and the girls were tired, but not overtired into crankyland. Everyone had fun and left with a smile without feeling like they were missing something because the park was closed. Magic Kingdom closes at 1. Thank God they chose Animal Kingdom!!!!!!!
--- 5 ---
Speaking of teeth, we found a wonderful local dentist only seconds away from the kids' school, and he has Saturday hours. Kate had 3 cavities, so that was unfortunate, but he filled them with no gas or numbing. It took him 30 minutes! I took Paul today for a cleaning and they were so amazing. Also, Kate has flossed every single night since that check up. This dentist is a keeper for sure!
--- 6 ---
Grammy, you smell good!
On our way to AK!
Bongo Girls
Daddy's wingspan!

The mother rhino pooping was a highlight....

Before the Trauma


Mommy's least favorite place - the petrie dish, I mean, petting zoo
We live in Florida, we aren't scared of snakes!
Good Daddy

In the croc tank.
Oh, only our friendly neighborhood Wolf Spider.
--- 7 ---
Should any of you readers like to send us prayers for the girls' surgeries, we'd sure appreciate it. Mae's should be routine, but she's only a baby. Charlotte is terrified and could use some peace about what we need to do, and her recovery depends on her cooperation with drinking fluids after. 
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  1. Just wanted to say hi. I noticed your comment on Jen Fulwiler's blog. I had a baby with Ds about nine months ago :-) Also Catholic. Your family is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Elicia. Congrats on your baby. I hope all is well and you are enjoying this first year!