Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birthday Bash

Hello! It's Mariana here. I feel I need to report on my own birthday since my Mom is still cleaning up the mess.

Look at mah belly!

Yesterday I had an appointment with the geneticist, Dr. P. He had a TIGER ON HIS LISTENING THINGY, YOU GUYS! I gave the tiger what for about our two hour wait, but not Dr. P. He's cool. Anyhow, I am officially an over-achiever at gaining weight. I am 18 lbs, which I have to say, is amazing. Dr. P. also said, and I quote, "We have a little baby genius here!" on account that I have more than 5 words. But guess what? I have a surprise to reveal later!

This is my brother who is choosing to annoy me at this moment. My mom bought me this sweet headband to rock on my birthday and, well Paul is a bit of a camera hog. I'm not gossiping here, it's a pretty well known fact. I adore that giant goof-ball. He's my best buddy!

Now, my mother is snapping pictures of me blinking here. Not cool, Mom.

Much better! So it's my birthday and I have another visit with Mrs. J. She is pretty fun to play with. I like that she makes me do stuff and helps me get stronger. I give her the business sometimes, but it's all because I was born stubborn and I have to see if Mrs. J. really means she wants me to do stuff. BTdubs - She does.

So, I'm really excited to tell you about something I've been planning for my mom who wanted to get a speech consult for me. I'm going to surprise her today with something...

I'm going to add two words to my vocabulary! Shhh!

This is my cake for my birthday! It is chocolate, which I have never tasted before. I don't get the excitement about it. Between you and I, brown food might not be my thing. We'll see.

Now, this I can get excited about! This is my name stool from Grandma and Grandpa. I LOVE IT!

I am saying "Yay!" and I am clapping while I say it!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE MY AWESOMENESS? No you cannot! "Yay" is one of my new words. I really like it!

Let's discuss the fact that my mother, a Catholic, has put me in an Easter dress during Lent. Well frankly, I picked this dress today. And it was on sale. And I look adorable in it. My mom can't resist my charm, it's not really her fault at all.

These are some of my friends and two of my sisters. Left to right - Kate is holding my friend J, she is so much fun! K is holding me, she is my brother's friend's sister. Molly is holding M, J's twin brother. The Chicks are the bomb because they have 8 people in their family, so when they come over it's an instant party. Also, the twins are only 6 months old. They are a family of small giants, I think.

So then my mom gives me a taste of Chocolate cake, and I'm all, "Whaaaaa?" It took me a while, but I started to realize that I was going to have to get the cake to my own mouth, which, duuuude, there would be success.

Are you kidding me, Mom? I really can't believe my luck and that this stuff tastes so amazing.

Only my mom lets me mess up my dress and then puts a bib on... Just kidding, I wanted the bib on after she took my dress off, because I like things my own particular way, yo.
I mostly knocked all the cake on the floor, but I did put some in my mouth on purpose! I also squished it in my hands and then sucked that off my fingers. Whatever, it was delicious!

This is my other new word, signing "Thank you"! I did it several times today, and God help my mother, she almost had a heart attack. Two new words in one day. I now can say, "Mama, bye-bye (bah-bah), more (mah), yay" and I can sign "Please, more, eat, milk, thank-you" and I wave and give hi-fives. I was supposed to have 5 words by 15 months.

So, yeah, this was overwhelming a bit. I am both tired and reluctant to leave my seat.

Perhaps just a lick...NOM NOM NOM

I felt I might suck the chocolate off my tray. What? I've never had this before, don't judge me!

All in all, the day was a success. I will say I was terribly tired tonight. I mean, I did have all of my blood drawn out the day before, which my mother held me down to get done. I have decided to forgive her though, so no hate mail please. With the well wishes and the fun toys and the lovely company and the communication successes and the chocolate, it really was my best birthday ever. So, Good Night friends. Thank you for all the lovely blessings.

Baby chub for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

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