Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October- The Revaluation

October turned out to be the shortest and longest month of the year so far. The first part, waiting to close on the house, was agonizingly long. The last part, and our protracted and never-ending move has been swift and busy as all get out. I don't have time to write this post, but I always have time to shirk my responsibilities.

Mariana is sleeping beautifully at the new digs, which so far has been my gigantic closet that has no excuse for being so large. I painted her crib a gorgeous shade of purple, but we've had many guests (Hooray!), and I'd like to wait until it slows down to screw up her sleeping arrangements. My mom pointed out that my closet is very dark, which may account for her ability to nap better. Blackout shades are in the works!

Why did no one inform me that when you buy a house you might as well withdraw all of your money and dump it on the front lawn? The more you know!

Because I am starting to feel guilty for the unfolded pile of laundry that has grown eyes and begun to stare at me with judgement and disappointment, allow a list of cool and amazing things that are going on in Mariana's kingdom:
  1. Sitting up!!!!!! This baby can sit up for 5 whole seconds before leaning too far one way and crashing onto her face. I have no idea how she manages to always fall on her face no matter which direction she falls. I call it a gift.
  2. EATING ALL THE THINGS AND FACES AND STUFFS- Oh yes she does. Rutabaga, peach and spinach mixture? Delicious! Daddy's scratchy chin? Fabulous! Paul's runny nose? That's gooood eatin'! She both fascinates and grosses me out.
  3. Her GI appointment is set for 11/20. Pray, please. Babies shouldn't be in pain, especially my baby.
  4. Scott's mom, brother and grandparents have all visited. My parents were here too. I love having a house I feel the guests can get adequate rest even though my loud family wakes up with the sun.
  5. Our pastor is coming to bless the new house. I hope this keeps the poisonous snakes in the preserve behind us from eating my babies and husband. And me. For sure me. Oh, and the dog. St. Francis, get busy! (Please and Thank you.)
  6. Mae also had an OT appointment at our home. In other words, I do not have to drag her to the snot smeared pediatric PT/OT office for her check up during flu/whooping cough season.  
  7. I voted today. I made an informed decision and followed through with casting my vote. I don't feel 100% thrilled with my choices, but I'm at peace that I tried to make the best decision I could. I pray we all did.
Now, off to get the laundry back in order-ish.

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