Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post Election Awesome

Lands, I'm tired. Refraining from being a petulant sore loser is EXHAUSTING. I tried to go to bed before the results, but I tossed and turned all night wondering. At 4 I finally checked. I really really wanted to behave like the little boy in my daughter's class who said he would would break Mitt Romney's arms if he won. (No, I don't think his parents are to blame for that one. I have a 3-year-old boy who recently told me how I was the "billain" and Daddy kicked me in the face and stuffed me in a closet-none of those things have ever happened-so yeah, boys and stuff.) I did not tell her to tell that little boy that if the president has a heart attack and dies JOE BIDEN IS OUR PRESIDENT, so there!!!infinity! But I did tell her to pray that Barack Obama is a good president and put it in God's hands. Which is what I would have said if "Mitch Romidey" won. Why couldn't my kids remember his name anyway? WAS THAT AN OMEN?

Yelch, I'm punchy today.

On to more pleasant subjects, at least more pleasant for half of the voters; Mariana. She slept like a boss last night. Slept like she was getting paid per minute. A dear friend of the family, Keith, stopped by on his way to the OSU basketball Carrier Classic and spent the night last night. He came in time for dinner, so he was there with our pastor, Fr. John, who ate dinner with us and blessed our new home. Fr. had offered to come and bless the house when he heard we were moving, so that was a very nice thing to share with Keith. Father John blessed the back yard and every room saying a blessing for each. He also blessed our front porch and our doorway, our closets, our stairs, the windows and cars. If you've never had your home blessed, I highly recommend it. The kids really appreciated it, especially the prayers for safety. Anyway, Mariana went to bed shortly after Father arrived and then slept as he went into my (embarrassingly messy) closet to bless it. She slept until 6:30 this morning, and she is napping now. God is so GOOD!

Today's work is more laundry thanks to a midnight accident, gift purchasing and popping by the old digs to grab more stuff. The never-ending protracted move continues. We are headed to Disney this weekend, which is going to be epic. We are staying at the Art of Animation resort, Scott is running the half marathon at 10 p.m., which is crazy, and many of his side of the family will be there to hold babies and wrangle stray children. I believe the park we have chosen to explore is Hollywood Studios, and I pray that no one is crabby that we aren't doing "something else". There is going to be a lecture, or several, on gratitude and the limits of time and being gracious in a big group. I'm considering bringing a kid-leash to threaten them with if anyone gets out of hand.

I should mention that Molly voted for Mr. "I" in her class election and he won! So, at least one of our family members has the sweet taste of victory this week.

Crap-Gotta go, see below....

And this is what happens when you ignore your 3 year old and you have crappy builder paint.

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  1. Your kids are WAY more pleasant than the election results. But, Kyley had a positive(ish) spin on least it can only be for four more years :) Although, Natalia made me explain why I wasn't a Joe Biden fan being that he is a Catholic. That was a LONG conversation...I tried my best to make it child friendly :)