Saturday, July 6, 2013

Photo Explosion!!

This week Scott took vacation. Here is the photo evidence that it's not all therapy and laundry for the Frymans!
Monday we went to St. Augustine for a Greek lunch and a pirate cruise. Mae took a short nap while we waited.
The kids were taught how to sword fight.
Kate and Mariana were too cool for all that. 
Later we had a yummy meal at Aunt Kate's where we sat under an awning and watched the rain come down in sheets over the water.  It was stunning. Molly ate sautéed alligator tail. Our adventurous eater has been identified!

Tuesday was therapy day and Scott's birthday. We celebrated in a laid back way. He received all the Lowes cards a guy could ask for and a book from me. 

Wednesday Scott bought a new lawn mower and mowed the grass happily. Then we packed up for camping!

Mariana slept well, but Molly, Charlotte and Scott and I didn't. We left at 5 am with a bit of wisdom about taking a fan and some Benedryl next time. Oh, and not camping in July in FL. But it was fun while it lasted!

The fourth was fun and also laid back b/c SLEEP! We did sparklers w neighbors.

Mae now wears Hip Helpers and these are festive!

Scott left with Mae and Charlotte for C's adventure with Grandma this summer. The three at home and I went to our neighborhood party last night and are headed to the farmers market and the beach today. Three cheers for family time!!

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