Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I've spent all day thinking about it, so I might as well write it. Today is the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Some of my friends are celebrating this. They think of the poor, frightened and lonely women who face the consequences of carrying a baby to term, and then they think that compassion dictates these women get it behind them. Quick, little pain, and quiet. Those friends think I'm a zealot. They discard my opinion because I am personally offended that my mother was asked to have an abortion with me.

They are wrong.

I am offended by abortion for many reasons, but the biggest reason is because of the lies it tells:

Abortion says we are too weak and alone. It preys upon our gravest fears of loneliness and inadequacy. It tells women they can not possibly be expected to bear the burden of a child, so why not "take care of it" before it's too big or too human? Abortion whispers into the soul that it can be over quickly and never thought of again. Ask someone who had an abortion how old her child would be. She knows, she'll never forget.

Abortion says that those who are anti abortion only care about the unborn, but will abandon the born and those tasked with raising him. The truth is that every single crisis pregnancy clinic I've donated to has had many resources for women to get food, clothing and shelter for herself and her child. I've never heard or seen a pro-life person be unwilling to provide help after the baby is born. I heard the lie plenty of times, but not one example the lie is true.

Abortion says that it is the compassion choice for babies deemed "incompatible with life." The truth is many of those babies live, many of those babies die, but their mothers and fathers do not deserve to add their own hand in the death of their child. To ask parents to consent to the death of their child is evil. The death of a child is difficult enough. Our hearts create a special place to love that child, and when the child's body ceases to be present, we are left with love and no body. It is the worst kind of emptiness and should never be compounded with guilt.

Abortion says that Mariana should be dead. Time and time again the press releases a joyful article about the prevention of Down syndrome births. Prevention is code for abortion. Yes, there is joy in the world that children are being prevented from being born because they will sully our perfect utopia where only the pretty and intelligent get to exist. Who needs tolerance when we are all the same kind of different?

Abortion says men don't matter. It's a woman's choice after all. Yes, we live in a world where a literal sperm donor is sued for child support, but a man in a relationship has no say over his child's life until birth. Men are useful idiots, both responsible for all the evils in the world, yet powerless over the future.

Abortion tells too many lies to recount.

My pro-choice friends might not read this particular post. I'm not sure it would change their view anyway. But if any do, I'd love to hear from them exactly how abortion honors the dignity of a woman. It tells her a baby is a disease unless she wants it, that she's too weak to bear responsibility for her choices, and that she needs to consent to an invasive procedure to be equal with a man. In short, abortion not only lies, but is a misogynist as well. What exactly is the appeal?

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  1. I shall post this. The morning I leave for the March. Thank you.