Friday, October 5, 2012

Seven Months!

--- 1 ---
My dad's birthday is October 4th. Anyone who reads this should say a prayer for him because that would make him very happy for his birthday. If you happen to be an atheist, do it anyway. It's my dad after all.
Mariana is seven months today! I know, where does that time go? She is rife with cold symptoms which may or may not be an actual cold. Two days ago it was not. I know this because we were at the doctor for a vaccine and a referral. This is just an adventure with narrow airways and small sinuses. I find the respiratory stuff overwhelming, but I think we are doing okay. In other news, she is also getting closer to sitting up! I wonder if it will be this month. I haven't looked at the developmental charts-it's a sanity thing- but it would be nice to be able to plop her down and take a picture of that fat belly! Other skills include splashing in the bath, which is ADORABLE, and possibly signing "eat". It's more of a hitting herself in the mouth motion, than a proper sign, and she does it all the time, but she also wants to eat all the time and copies me when I sign "eat." Let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if she excels in the communication department given her family. 

--- 3 ---
We are off the GI specialist in a couple weeks. What's tough is that I'm not comfortable sharing every detail of her medical issues because some day she's going to grow up. It's her life, her diagnosis. Much like I allude to Molly's food sensitivities, but don't get into detail, it seems very important I respect that Mariana may not grow up to be an over-sharer like her mother. But, you guys, my baby is crying from pain and I can't help her. Worst parental feeling ever. Pray for us both!
--- 4 ---
Molly is READING!  So, I've been slightly busy which has kept me from spending as much time as I ought on helping Molly with reading. One night, instead of reading to her, I asked her to read to me "Dick and Jane, We Look". Girlfriend is a genius! I give all the credit to her wonderful teacher Ms. P, and her aide, Mrs. S.

Molly has always been this type of kid who puts out there that she's incapable, disinterested and in need of assistance. She's very charming, but seems a bit on the slower side of the curve for her age. I had even considered holding her back a year.  But Molly also is the type that is paying attention and will just pop out a new skill like a boss. Her first words (at 17 months) were "No mine!" clear as a bell. At three, never having worked with her to write her name, I asked her to try, which she completed with a capital "M" and lower case o-l-l-y. She's going to make a great spy some day.
--- 5 ---
The older two are just the best. They are helpful, courteous, and Kate, is funny! She's pulling out all these new phrases that just seem so mature. We were watching the debate - I recorded it - and she busts out with, "The president is saying, 'Uh', a lot like you do when you are distracted." She also said that Romney seems like he knows what he wants to say and that if Obama is open to all ideas then her idea is that he lower taxes so we can give our money to who we want. Scott and I have never talked about our personal taxes with her or in front of her. This she gleaned from our discussion on the differences between those who think government should be the source of charitable giving and those who think those responsibilities should be kept on the local level. But it is hilarious that she expresses any political view at all because she was holding a book from the "Dork Diaries" series the whole time.

C, good heavens, is amazing. She soothes the baby, sweeps the floor and is still as affectionate as always. She's in a delightful phase that I am savoring.
--- 6 ---
P is a boy. He hits, he's messy and he gives the best hugs in the house. He's such a great buddy and a wonderful brother. I'm so glad he's ours!
--- 7 ---
I look terrible. I have zero time to take care of my appearance, and frankly, I'm not so interested. My brows need to be waxed, my hair needs a touch up and could use a trip to a clothing store for myself. There is a part of me that cares, but it's way low on the priority list. I hope by Christmas I care a bit more due to the photos that are bound to be taken. Remember when we were all going to be both beautiful and get all the housework done without having to tell the our kids to clean up the legos?
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